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Call to Action: Stop racist attacks from harmful anti-trafficking organizations against Asian massage parlours and sex workers

Three months after the murder in Atlanta including the six Asian women who worked in massage parlours, anti-Asian, anti-massage parlours and anti-sex work hate has not ended. The harmful Ontario Anti-trafficking Act (Bill 251) was passed on June 3, 2021 and Newmarket is going to shut down all Asian massage parlours despite the opposition from many racial justice, human rights and sex workers rights activists and organizations, and from the massage and sex workers themselves. 

Asian and migrant workers in massage parlours are still facing racist attacks, particularly by some pro-carceral and harmful anti-trafficking organizations. These anti-trafficking organizations continue to harm the Asian community by taking away jobs, shutting down businesses, increasing policing, and inviting greater state violence. They violate the agency of Asian women by imposing a moralistic agenda while increasing the state’s power to exert control over Asian women’s bodies.

We need you to take action to sign the statement to condemn and stop racist attacks from pro-carceral and harmful anti-trafficking organizations which foster anti-Asian racial discrimination and anti-sex work hate.


“We cannot tolerate it anymore!

     Racist attacks being waged by some anti-trafficking organizations against

 Asian massage parlours and sex workers must end.”

Sign our statement, follow our social media for future calls to actions!

Click here to sign now!

Four Asian massage parlours workers speak out

to stop the Town of Newmarket shut down the Asian Massage parlours!

For more information about how racist attacks are being waged:


Artist credit: Loretta Mui

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