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Get Involved, Make a Donation


Your donation of time or money will make a difference in improving the safety, justice and dignity of Asian and migrant sex workers:


  • To provide support and education to Asian and migrant sex workers;

  • To decrease the risk of violence they face each day;  

  • To advocate for their human rights and legal rights.



☐I value this work. I want to donate $                       to support Butterfly.

☐I would love to contribute to a particular Butterfly project:


☐ $ 1000 to deliver an Anti-Violence Program

☐ $ 500 to deliver a Know Your Rights/ Empowerment Program

☐ $ 100 to conduct outreach to 20 Asian or migrant sex workers 

☐ $ 50 to provide 24/7 hotline services 

☐ $ 20 to publish information on legal, health, safety and human rights

How to Donate:

Please make an online donation to Butterfly 


Violence and oppression against sex workers is not acceptable!

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